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Is your website working for you?

When a client comes to us and requests a new website, our first question is, “what do you need your website to deliver?” The answer to this question forms the basis for nearly every aspect of our web design process. For some it might be sign-ups to an event, for others, it’s to act as a source of information. Often, it’s to highlight a call to action, to funnel people into making a conscious decision.

Of course, what you want your website to deliver should also be taken into consideration, however, need and want are not necessarily the same thing!

Yet no matter what you need and want, there are still some basic principles we abide by. In our opinion, a good website should tell your story, show visitors who you are, be intuitive to use and suit your audience – oh, and it also needs to look great. Whilst delivering a fantastic customer experience and doing what you need it to.

Is your website working for your business? Does it help direct visitors to your end goal, whether that be filling in a contact form or buying your latest product offering? If not, we’d be happy to help. Call us on 01452 379 980 or say hi via

Your starter for ten