When to hire a marketing agency

Knowing when to hire a marketing agency can be difficult. Do you call them in before you start to think about marketing, or once you’ve got a firm idea of what you want?

There’s no ‘one answer fits all’, it completely depends on each client. Some have called us in when they’ve realised they’ve taken on more than they can handle, others when they’re thinking about creating their marketing strategy for a new sector. Still other clients knew that they needed a marketing agency but couldn’t see the wood for the trees as they were so busy in the everyday business of running their business. For small businesses it can make more sense to outsource marketing efforts to an agency to free up time to focus in other areas; larger businesses may need a hand with specific projects and ask us to work with their marketing department.

What about if you’ve come up with a great idea for a campaign but don’t know where to start? Agencies have access to digital marketing managers, content producers, copywriters, photographers, graphic designers, PPC specialists, SEO taggers and a whole host of other skills which may come into play. Whilst it may be beyond your budget to hire all of them, calling in an agency can give you access to all that experience and knowledge.

A good agency should work with you to define the brief and skills required, whatever you’re looking at. If they don’t question you, then start to question them. Marketing cuts across many parts of running a business and the agency you choose should have a good understanding of what you do and why. You should also define what level of involvement you want in what they’re doing for you – some of our clients want to check every word, others take a very hands-off approach – either way works, but we need to know so we can resource and plan for it.

It’s important that, no matter which agency you end up working with, you trust and like them. The agency you choose will be working closely with you to deliver results, so getting along is vital. Getting the right partnership can get you to where you want and need to be.

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