What’s in a name?

A name represents a lot about a company and brand. Your own name forms an important part of our personal brand – just think about the hundreds of websites and books dedicated to helping parents find the perfect name for their children.

Yet, all too often, companies fail to pay attention to their name and the perception the market will have of them as a result. Just like names, fashions change over time. What worked 20 years ago may not work now, and perhaps it’s time to evolve from the initials of your founder or association with one particular geography.

Pick the wrong name and you’re shutting the door on potential business from day one. Pick the right name and you’ll be one step ahead before you’ve even begun.

When coming up with a new name, run it through these checks:

  1. Does it pass the phone test? ‘Energy Creative, how may I help?’
  2. Can people spell it? Otherwise, your SEO is going to be a real challenge.
  3. How does the name look when written down? It’s always worth checking what it looks like. Different scripts can change the way it is perceived. Whilst we’re at it – a play on words isn’t necessarily clever.
  4. Does it resonate with your brand values? The right name should encapsulate your vision and values, not work against them.
  5. Will it work with your domain name? And social media handles? Check availability before you go too far down the branding process. It doesn’t need to match directly (B&Q’s diy.com springs to mind) but you need to be able to pair your brand development strategy with a digital strategy which makes sense.
  6. What other businesses are out there with the same or similar names? You don’t want to get caught up in legal issues, or have to repeat ‘No, not THAT XYZ.’

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What’s in a name