Branding is so much more than a logo. It encapsulates the way people feel about your company. Consistent, strategic and well thought out branding will give you the edge in today’s competitive marketplace, strengthening your brand equity. It all starts with defining your positioning and perception.

Whether you want a light touch refresh or a full rebrand, we can make it happen.

By helping you define what your brand stands for and who your audience is, we can develop existing brands, stretching the original vision to help achieve positive business impacts. Or we can start from scratch, rebranding and refining your vision and values before encapsulating those into a new visual identity.

Bring your brand to life.

Work with us

Strategy //

Understanding what you offer and what makes you stand out from the crowd is key to developing a brand strategy that creates a brand promise for your customers.

Brand audit //

Reviewing where your brand sits within the marketplace and how it is perceived can suggest development opportunities, as well as providing feedback on your business performance.

Logo design //

Branding is so much more than a logo (we’ve even blogged about this!) but we can design and develop logos which reflects your company identity and aspirations.

Colours //

Colour is a powerful tool for any company. Get the right colour palette in place and it will encapsulate your company and what you stand for.

Brand guidelines //

These detail your brand and how it works in practice, explaining the personality and values which drive your brand, as well as specifying how it is to be applied.

Brand application //

Understanding how to apply your new brand can be a difficult task. We can take your brand and apply it to pretty much anything – making it work across different applications and technologies.

Brand refresh //

Is your brand looking tired? In need of an uplift? We can work with your existing brand to show how it can be refreshed, updating it and making it suitable for today’s busy world.

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