“What if the BBC was a fruit?”

If you’ve not come across the irreverent comedy mockumentary W1A yet, we’d urge you to check it out. The BBC have excelled with this show, which follows the antics of their leadership team whilst lampooning all we fondly imagine to know about Auntie.

Ok. So, here’s the thing.

Everyone who works in marketing and PR has pretty much come across a Siobhan Sharpe of their own. With very little idea about what the BBC do – or, indeed, what makes for good PR, marketing and branding – Siobhan is both hilarious and difficult to watch at the same time.

In true PR style, we dug deep into our knowledge of W1A to give you the lessons we’ve learnt from watching the marketing and PR guru from Perfect Curve take on the BBC:

  1. Stop talking gibberish: “Marketing speak” isn’t necessary.
  2. Pay attention: When you’re with a client, or working on their account, give it your all.
  3. Know your audience: If you don’t know who or what your client is talking about, ask.
  4. Keep it snappy: less is more
  5. Youthspeak isn’t cool
  6. Kooky outfits do not a creative make: nor does it make you into a hipster.

Marketing doesn’t need to try so hard to be cool that it’s painful. When you get it right, the results speak for themselves.

What if the BBC was a fruit