Thinking of calling in a marketing agency?

Modern marketing agencies come in all manner of shapes and sizes and can bring in all sorts of different elements. With an increasingly blurred line between services, deciding which direction to go in and who to pick can be a daunting task. Today’s top tip is to work your way through the below-thought process before you call a marketing agency – whether it’s to work with them as part of your team or to act as an outsourced support.

You’ll need to consider experience, portfolio, client mix and reputation – but before you get to the stage where you pick up the phone or Google ‘how to find a marketing agency’, then have a think about the following four steps.

  • Step one: Identify your service need(s). Marketing agencies can cover a myriad of marketing specialisms. Do you need advertising? PR? Marketing strategy? Branding? For example, there’s no point in going to a digital agency if what you need is corporate brochures for an event. What are the core competencies you’re looking for?
  • Step two: Evaluate what expertise you need. What skills or expertise would your team or business benefit from? An agency with a wide remit can help you gain a fresh perspective and even find new angles to approach. Are you looking for a strategic partner, who can bring commercial experience and challenge, stretch and add value? Or do you need someone who will deliver purely to your requirements and
  • Step three: Understand your vision. What does success look like for you? How will going to an agency help you achieve your goals? What do you want to learn from working with an agency?
  • Step four: What does the approval process look like for you? Nothing ratchets up costs and is more harmful to an ongoing relationship than continual changes to a project. Decide who your approver is, and where the buck stops. How do you want the relationship to work?

Some say finding a marketing agency is like finding a needle in a haystack. We say it needn’t be that complicated. If you believe in each other and want to work together, you’ll find a way.

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Thinking of calling in a marketing agency