Red to me?

Colours can evoke very different emotions in viewers. The colours you choose for your brand will create perceptions about your company and how it operates. Today’s tip is to spend some time thinking about your brand colours – and, of course, have some!

Let’s cover the primary colours:

  • Red is a strong colour. It draws attention and is domineering, often linked to feelings of aggression, strength and danger, but also love and passion. In the UK, we use red as warnings on road signs and for stop at traffic lights, but it’s also the colour used to represent Valentine’s Day and romance. We would suggest it’s great if you want to pack a punch, but otherwise is best left in small quantities.
  • Yellow evokes immediate ideas of happiness and sunshine, making us feel positive and enthusiastic. Like red, yellow also tends to draw the eye, but in a softer, warmer manner. Bear in mind, though, that in the Middle East and Latin America, yellow can also represent mourning, so it doesn’t signify happiness everywhere.
  • Blue is often cited as the most common ‘favourite’ colour. As the colour of the sky and sea, blue is seen as a very natural colour, and therefore evokes feelings of trust and dependability. Blue can, however, be thought of as cold and unwelcoming, so if you choose to include a blue in your company colour palette, pick the hue with care!

As we are all aware, there isn’t one single red, yellow and blue. The colour wheel offers an entire array to choose from, and tint, shading and tone all play a significant role in the way we perceive colours.

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Red to me