Working with Hydrock’s in-house marketing team, we created a presentational approach for the company’s London-based consultants to use to deliver a briefing to clients and prospects on the subject of zero-carbon building design.

Hydrock is a multi-disciplinary engineering design consultancy with a UK-wide office network. Specialising in the design of buildings and infrastructure, their work transforms the built environment whilst minimising energy use and reflecting changing patterns of mobility and the use of commercial, living and educational space.

What we’ve done

Working collaboratively with their in-house marketing team, we developed a presentational approach to support their London-based engineering consultancy team deliver a briefing to clients and prospects on the subject of zero-carbon building design.



Hydrock presentation

Titled, ‘The zero-carbon conundrum’, this highly visual presentation was delivered to an audience of architects, property developers, planning consultants and project managers, all of whom are key influencers and buyers of Hydrock’s services.

The event, hosted near Farringdon, was well received and created a number of follow-up opportunities for Hydrock. Their London team used the presentation to deliver the content on a one-to-one basis to specific client organisations who had sent a representative to the initial event.

What Hydrock say about us

“This was timely support from Energy Creative. As an in-house team we needed efficient, rapid and creative support for this important presentation to a large number of clients as our own focus was elsewhere, handling a significant number of other important communications. We needed someone we could brief swiftly and then rely on to get it right first time and that’s what the team at Energy Creative did.”

Sarah Reaney, Marketing Communications Manager

Hydrock presentation
Hydrock presentation