CoTricity were set up to focus on behind-the-meter energy solutions for high power users. With an innovative approach which drove down costs for users and broke the mould in the way energy was supplied, they asked us to create a brand and a website which reflected their desire to create change in the energy market.

What we’ve done

From the very start, CoTricity wanted to hone in on clarity of message. Their brand brief was to be fresh, friendly and corporate, clear and concise. We developed their branding and applied it to their website and messaging, creating the tagline ‘A revolution in power generation’. Their use of powerful imagery coupled with clear and high quality content for both digital and print collateral assisted with their market penetration.






CoTricity logo design
CoTricity logo design
CoTricity logo design
Enso Energy website on mobile, tablet and laptop

Brand development

Creating a new brand within the crowded and noisy energy market required careful consideration of positioning and branding. We worked with the Directors of CoTricity to create a compelling rationale for adopting their behind-the-meter services and a PR campaign to drive interest in their launch.

CoTricity mobile first website design
Enso Energy website on mobile, tablet and laptop