An innovative new company, Bedstretch required support whilst going into their crowdfunding phase. We worked with them to refine their branding and key messaging, as well as supporting them with a new website and widening their social media reach.

What we’ve done

Prior to their crowdfunding launch, we created a new logo and developed supporting colour palette, along with refined imagery, to lift the brand. Their PR and social media campaign launch saw an immediate impact on their website statistics, and we continued to amend their advertising throughout the period of the campaign.






Enso Energy business card design
Bedstretch branding
Bedstretch website on mobile, tablet and laptop
Bedstretch website design tablet

Social media advertising

As a new start-up, with a limited budget, we needed to create as much of a buzz as possible without spending outside the budget. We turned to digital marketing. Facebook advertising allowed us, within 7 weeks, to reach 106,000 people, with a staggering 7,500 link clicks!

Bedstretch Facebook advertising
Bedstretch Facebook advertising