Marketing for sectors

The expertise of our team stretches across many different sectors, and this allows us to support clients from a wide and varied range of companies. Like most business support functions, elements of marketing, PR, and creative work exists across all sectors.

Within Energy Creative, we’ve worked with clients from the fields of accountancy, education, hotels and hospitality, engineering, membership organisations, charities, energy developers, events, agriculture, food, manufacturing – the list goes on. Some might say that marketing is marketing, no matter what you’re doing, yet each sector comes with its own challenges and quirks. Knowing those, particularly in business to business or professional services marketing, can give your clients the edge when it comes to their marketing.

Yet, perhaps because of our diverse backgrounds, we love finding out about new sectors and immersing ourselves into them. If we don’t know the inside track, we’ll use our network to find out the insider knowledge and bring ourselves up to speed before we even meet a potential client for the first time.

Regardless of which sector our clients are from, they still have the same questions. How do I find new clients? How can I communicate with them? How can I develop my customer base and retain my existing clients? Our golden rule is to ‘know your audience’ – that’s why we do a ‘deep dive’ into our clients’ businesses and markets. Sometimes our research and analysis can uncover surprising news for our clients, reconnecting them with their actual audience rather than their perceived one.

Being prepared to learn and challenge your preconceptions about a new industry is one of the reasons we enjoy what we do. Transferring skillsets from one sector to another can bring a fresh and different approach to our clients, and many surprising similarities apply. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to marketing, and good practice from one sector can often provide benefits when applied to another.

Have you got a marketing challenge? Get in touch to find out how we can help you.