Making social media work for your business

It can be all too easy to treat social media, particularly Twitter, as if it’s a giant networking party where you meet old friends and make new acquaintances. In a way, that’s exactly what it can be. However, when you’re trying to build up your online profile and presence, you need to stay focused, keep your social media on brand, and give it a purpose. It’s all too easy to do a lot and achieve little when it comes to using social media so it works for your business. Of course, not every social media channel works for everyone, but the same principles apply from YouTube to Instagram.

Here’s a few of our tips for how to maximise social media to make it work for you in a work context – whether you’re looking at running a specific social media campaign or promote a more general message.

Top tips…

  1. Social media is a powerful marketing tool. Make sure it’s integrated into your marketing plan and give it a defined role to play.
  2. Talking of which – marketing strategy and plan. You have got one, right? If not, we can help!
  3. Hashtags are great! But think about your audience before you use them randomly. What is the audience you’re trying to reach going to be searching for? Tailor them to the people you’re trying to talk to.
  4. Making connections isn’t about using just one platform. If you’ve connected with someone on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ too – expand your network through using your existing contacts.
  5. How can you stimulate debate by caring about what your audience cares about? When it comes to work, you’re not just looking for likes, but to start a conversation. How can your posts answer questions and address concerns?
  6. What are your competitors up to on social media? How can you differentiate yourself from them? How can you learn from them?
  7. Sometimes it can feel as if your messages are going into the ether. It’s better to post fewer, higher quality messages than it is to carry on and tail off with content that people aren’t engaging with.
  8. Really think about each post. Just retweeting and reposting other people’s content isn’t enough. You need to move away from the ‘so what?’ to the ‘That’s so great!’ which gets your audience reposting your messages to their own contacts. That’s when your network will start to grow.

Remember – stay on plan and on message. Engage with your audience, reach out and respond to them. It takes time and there’s no quick fix.

If you’re reading this and thinking it all sounds like too much to handle, give us a call, send us a tweet, chat to us on Facebook or leave us a comment on one of our Instagram posts. We’ll get back to you!