Improve your company’s social media profile

Is your company social media profile working for your business? Are you missing a trick or two which will take minutes to fix, but could make the difference between someone clicking through to your website or picking up the phone?

It’s all too easy when thinking about social media strategy to overlook one of your main assets when it comes to the algorithm-dependent world we live in. The social media profile you use on each channel can dictate how your business appears in search rankings, so why wouldn’t you optimise them before you embark on the content element of a social media strategy?

We’ve pulled together our top 4 tips to help you optimise your business social media profiles and biographies. They’re simple but effective. It’s amazing how many times people overlook getting the details right…

A picture tells a thousand words

Choose an amazing profile picture – and resize it to the correct dimensions for the platform you’re using. If it’s pixelated, badly focused or the wrong size, it’s not going to create a ‘wow’ moment.

We’d always recommend a good headshot for LinkedIn – and don’t forget your header picture, using the banner picture to show what you do can work wonders.

Fill out your profile in full

No blank fields please – particularly not when it’s an opportunity to link to your website or give out your phone number and email. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to get in touch with you, or to come and find you. Make sure your location and opening hours are correct. Small details count.

They can also count towards your page rankings, so even more reason to put time into filling out that form!

Be clear and concise

Make sure your bio and summary actually tell people what you do! Include keywords about your products and services to help more people find you. Think about your audience, rather than filling your profile with loads of industry jargon. SEO (search engine optimisation) can apply to profiles too, so make sure that your profile is keyword rich.

Be consistent

Make sure that your contact details are the same across your different platforms and channels. Even down to the way you display your phone number. Using the same format will help with SEO and look more professional.

And talking of consistency, what is more impressive – consistently posting once a week, or posting every day for a fortnight and then nothing for six months? Better to do little and often than to be stop/start in your approach.

Thanks for reading!

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