I’m hearing what you’re saying

Shh! I’m trying to listen!

Being mindful about the way we listen and giving the speaker our full, undivided attention is a specific communication tool which is often underused.

Listening is one of the least developed of our senses, yet it is an incredibly powerful tool. Think about how valuable it is to have someone’s undivided attention. Active listening is no longer a concept in a management book, it’s now necessary to cut out the noise of the world we live in.

Digital distraction is all around us – from the ‘need’ for persistent email checking to the 277,000 Tweets and 2.46 million posts made every minute.

It’s time to focus and cut out the noise. Put down your phone, step away from your laptop, and engage in active listening.

It’s amazing what you can hear.

I am hearing what you are saying

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