How to turn your website into a valuable business asset

Any business asset must achieve specific business objectives. Your website, as your virtual shopfront, needs to work for you in the context of lead generation and offer a return on investment.

Now that over 80% of people search online before contacting a business, a digital presence is vital. Yet a lot of people have a website which isn’t delivering for them, and don’t know where to go for advice.

Here are some ways in which you can add more value to your online presence

Boost your SEO

You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if no one can find it, your investment is dead in the water:

  • Include rich content such as images and videos to add colour and interaction, and make sure they’re tagged correctly.
  • Write keyword focused copy to help you climb the search rankings. Taking Energy Creative as an example, it’s not enough to be listed under ‘local website services’ or ‘local marketing agency’. We also want to be picked up when people search for ‘marketing agency Dursley’ and ‘Dursley website design’. But we reach further than that, so including ‘website design Stroud’, ‘creative agency Cotswolds’, ‘website services Gloucestershire’ or ‘marketing agency Gloucestershire’ will help with our visibility. It’s a specific way of writing so don’t be ashamed to admit you need help and reach out to a copywriter (we also offer that service by the way – you can find out more here).

Reflect your brand

Project the same image across all your platforms to help distinguish yourself from your competitors:

  • Find your tone of voice and stick to it. Publish relevant content which is of interest to your audience.
  • Be consistent, both visually and with content. Whether it’s how often you post on your blog, or update your case studies, make sure you use the same frequency and language.

Connect with your customers

People want to feel like they are doing business with real people:

  • Write meaningful content which helps them figure out a solution to the problem they have.
  • Add in an ‘About us’ page and tell the story of your business.
  • Be responsive by following up on comments or email enquiries.

Harness the power of data

Learn about your customer base:

  • Use analytics to understand how people are using your website.
  • Refine and develop your website based on data. Sometimes the results can be surprising!

Remember, a website is a living entity. It needs to be developed, amended and updated. Only then will it start to deliver what you need it to.

Is your website working for you? If not, get in touch with us today via for an initial consultation.