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5 signs it’s time to hire a marketing agency

How do you know when it’s time to stop trying to do everything yourself? It can be hard to let go, particularly if you’ve been the one who has been multitasking and juggling to deliver everything. Working with a marketing agency doesn’t mean you have to hand over everything – it’s always good to try out a new agency with a standalone project to find out how you work together. These are just some of the reasons our clients came to us in the first place:

  1. Yeah, whatevs
    If you don’t enjoy marketing, it shows. Trust us. It’s our passion – and that shows in our work. A passion for marketing and good service coupled with your knowledge and experience makes for awesome results.
  2. There’s always something better to do
    Never find time to update your social media or create a new page for your website?
    If marketing always ends up at the bottom of your To Do list, it’s time to outsource what you can.
  3. It’s not what they do
    Believe it or not, marketing isn’t something that everyone can do. Sure, people can learn the skills, but unless you have the time (see point 2) or the passion (point 1) then it begs the question of whether you are the best person to do it.
  4. It is what they do, but they’re at full capacity
    Marketing teams can be called upon to deliver a vast range of support to a business. Therefore, it stands to reason that they can’t do everything! We top up our clients when they’re stretched to full capacity or when they need to bring in a team to deliver a specific project such as an Annual Report.
  5. You need loads of different marketing skills, but haven’t got the budget
    Would your website benefit from the input of a developer, a designer, a creative director, some fresh imagery? Is your need greater, and you’re looking for an overarching strategy through to content to direct implementation? You’d never get all that from just one person – but you can get it all from one agency.

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Help – I need somebody