Five online trends you need to know about

Hands up if you’ve not looked at your marketing plan since you finished it at the start of the year? Well hello! You might want to dig it out and have a quick look to see how you’re delivering against it, particularly the digital elements.

2018 is turning into a stellar year. Given that the digital world moves so quickly, as we settle into summer it’s a great time to sense check your marketing plan and make sure it’s fit for the rest of the year. So, what do you need to check for?

Live video

Live video content is massive! Not least because you can take it anywhere. If you create content which needs no words, it can span continents – taking brands global. Live Q&A’s, product launches and demonstrations, the possibilities are endless. When you consider that Facebooks’ Live Videos are engaged with an astonishing six times more than non-live ones, you might want to consider adding live videos into your marketing plan for the rest of the year. You can bring experiences and events to your audience that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to access – it’s a powerful marketing tool which is on the rise.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is being utilised more and more. One area surging forward in this is retail – for example, the online retailer ASOS have a tool to check brand sizing based on your height, weight and body shape, and consumers are rapidly adapting to this new way of shopping. These sorts of tools are only going to develop still further, with anticipated growth of 18% year on year of this technology. Going one step further and embracing virtual reality means you can offer a unique, immersive and memorable customer experience.

AI and voice search

The way people discover brands and content is changing thanks to AI and voice search. An astonishing 72% of people who have downloaded voice search assistants such as Google Assistant to their phone say that they use it every day to access different kinds of content – these early adopters could mark the start of a game changer in the way in which we browse and consume social media content. As devices learn and develop, so will their capacity to change our interface with content (try asking Alexa to read out your Twitter feed!)

Messaging apps

Messaging apps are being utilised by brands worldwide to leverage their presence. It’s an incredibly cost-effective way to manage customer service, and it’s not necessarily about starting conversations, but about managing customer engagement. One-on-one real time automated communication is changing the face of customer service, providing customers with a faster, easier way of getting the help they need, which results in higher numbers of retained customers. if you’re after a scalable way to interface with hundreds or thousands of customers, creating your own chatbot may be the way forward.

Social media channels

Social media channels are under ever-increasing scrutiny and pressure to make their networks safer to use. This can translate into making it harder for brands to gain visibility on different channels. The best way to overcome this is to create engaging, high-quality content which is relevant to the audience you’re aiming to reach.

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