Calling the register

Sometimes, effective communication isn’t about utilising our skills as communications specialists. Recently we were asked to step in on a project at the last minute, joining an evening conference call to discuss the crisis matter at hand.

The first fifteen minutes were taken up with a chaotic discussion about who was and wasn’t on the line. Everyone spoke over everyone else, because they had no idea when their turn was. With over 15 people on the call, background noise and transport noises to contend with, it quickly degenerated into a hard-to-interpret morass of words.

Our first project recommendation was to cut this out and replace it with a simple roll call. Saving time, annoyance, and increasing the perception of the project lead as someone who was efficient and decisive. Happy client, happy other consultants.

Because communications aren’t always about communicating. They’re about creating a moment for clients to draw breath and think about how they’re dealing with a crisis situation.