Creating a LinkedIn profile that works

Your LinkedIn profile is where everything begins on the world’s leading social media site for professionals. LinkedIn is all about networking, and to be able to do that virtually requires a personal, yet professional, connection which you create through your profile.

LinkedIn professional networking profile writer

It can be hard to write about yourself, but the below will help. Oh, and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through – you need to tell your own story. 

Our top tips will help you on your way to creating a winning profile! 

Create a compelling headline

A headline is the section at the top of your user profile where you can describe what you do.

Your headline doesn’t need to be your job title. Use the 120 characters available to share one of the benefits of working with you.

Your summary

It’s a great place to showcase your personality, achievements and your USP – not the place to list out your CV.

Cover your story in three to five short paragraphs and, if appropriate, include some client quotes to enhance the overview of your career.

You’ve got 2,000 characters to tell your tale. Do it in your voice – echo the way you speak to people at a professional event or conference.

Utilise images and multimedia

Make sure you’ve got a professional profile picture. Reinforce your messaging by using an appropriate banner image.

Appeared in a company video? Got a presentation that you delivered at an industry conference? Upload it and share it!

Optimise your profile for better visibility

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) drives the order of web content. LinkedIn is no different.

Using the right keywords will make a profile appear higher in searches. Without an optimised profile, which draws on relevant keywords, your profile risks sinking without trace. This is particularly important when it comes to recruitment, as many recruiters look for specific terms when searching for candidates.

However, it’s a delicate balance and a little goes a long way. If you use too many keywords, you’ll be penalised and drop down the rankings. Weave associated and similar keywords to your main keywords into your summary and experience to keep the algorithms working in your favour.

Having said that, our next top tip is…

Lose the jargon

Are you a ‘driven’ professional in your field? Perhaps you’re a ‘motivated team player?’

Well, if so, you’re in good company. Those are amongst some of the most overused words on LinkedIn profiles.

It’s time to move on! Empty phrases with more syllables are out. Short and tighter words, sentences and paragraphs are better.

Proofread, proofread, proofread

After you’ve put in all this effort, make sure your finished profile is as polished as can be. Rule out any grammar errors and spelling mistakes. Lay it out nicely, incorporating white space and bullet points or sub-headers to make it easy to read.

As ever with these sorts of things, the devil is in the detail.

Apply the finishing touches

Take the time to go through your settings. Make sure you’ve created your own personalised link to share, particularly if you want to start circulating your profile with recruiters. And if you’re on that trajectory, tick the box to make sure you’re visible to recruiters.

Celebrate success

How will you know you’ve got it right? When you start getting the kind of connection requests you want, when your page views go up and comments increase on the content you share.

Get more help

Still bemused? We’ve got you covered. Check out our available LinkedIn profile packages or get in touch with us now to speak to us about a bespoke solution.

Done all the above but don’t have time to manage your LinkedIn account? We can help with that too! Just drop us a line.